For True Dental Emergency, Call 760-424-5900.
It is our emergency contact number.

For knocked out teeth and bleeding that won¡¯t stop, you will be directed to nearest emergency hospital.
The closest emergency center is located;
Eisenhower Immediate Care Center

72780 Country Club Dr # B203, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270-4126
(760) 834-3593

For the temporary crown that falls out, please contact us to come back and cement it back on, OR you may try an OTC product on the market. i.e. ¡®Lost Filling & Loose Cap Repair¡¯ available at CVS Pharmacy (Other products are available)
For fractured teeth and crown/filling fell out, you can still use ¡®Lost Filling &Loose Cap Repair¡¯ to ease discomfort temporarily. However, please come back to us for more appropriate and permanent treatments